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Monday, July 28, 2014

Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum/ Lady Gaga vs Mr. Brainwash in the Meatpacking/Jimmy Fallon by Inson Wood

Mega star artist Jeff Koons, has a full retrospective at the Whitney - Pure genius in Technicolor.  Never before has the world had so much fun with art, after all who doesn't like the idea of squishing a huge mound of play-doh.
Like Jeff Koons, Mr. Brainwash is not afraid to use color. 
Jeff Koons knows the human psyche better than Sigmund Freud.  Jeff Koons is loved by the masses and the ultra elite alike - by men and women, boys and girls.  The beauty of pop-art is that it is for public consumption ( in other words  the populace ) which means it is Art for the people - Jeff Koons is the new religion. If religion was labeled the opiate of the masses, then Jeff Koons is the ecstasy pill of the masses.  His work is so pleasing the line wraps around 4 blocks of the Whitney for Jeff Koons Retrospective even when its pouring rain.  Jeff Koons artwork is for the general population to consume - it is like reality TV combined with an incredible infusion of Shakespeare in the Park - its part shock and awe and part larger than life ( literally ). Now that Jeff Koons is officially christened by the Whitney his prices at auction will exceed and already seemingly inflated 58 million dollars for his Balloon Puppy for which 5 exist.  A picture is worth a thousand words - judge for yourself.  Jeff Koons vs Andy Warhol vs Mr. Brainwash vs Can't Stop Good Boy. These are all images publicly accessible on the internet. Google each artist for more images - you won't be sorry for its the most intelligent and thought provoking eye candy you will see - and its coming to a gallery or museum or public park or shopping center near you! - Ecomanta
Ultra genius Pop Artist, Jeff Koons is not afraid to show his back side. 

Jeff Koons photographing Lady Gaga for the ARTPOP Concert Sculpture.

Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta )  and Mega Super Star David Guetta. They are collaborating on the top music videos such as "Work Hard - Play Hard" Nothing happens by chance.

Not Manhattan - Mr. Brainwash stomping grounds in LA. 

Captain America, by Mr. Brainwash/ Thierry Guetta is very reminiscent of Warhol and Koons yet with a very different application of scratched posterized effect which is highly unique and a fantastic signature to his work.

Mega st"Artist" Jeff Koons - has a team of over 100 young staff members tirelessly working around the clock like Santas little helpers. 

Andy Warhol was one of the first Artists to employ Celebrity Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Models, and Athletes. 

Jeff Koons was one of the first sculptors to use Marvel Comic Super Heroes in 3d scuptures - his "strongest work" to date.

Jeff Koons sculpture for Lady Gaga ART POP Concert standing at 50' tall. 

Jeff Koons and BMW at Art Basel.

Mr. Brainwash ( Thierry Guetta ) large Kate Moss outdoor wall Mural.

Being Super Big is what Pop Art is all about. Oversized iconic toys and figurines are often the theme of both Jeff Koons and Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta.

Jeff Koons caters to our love of shiny and clean - and happy childhood memories.  
Bigger than Life - Taste Maker and Trend setter,  Inson Wood, wanted to see how blond people were perceived in society. 

We all love super heroes - Captain America and Super Man by Mr. Brainwash with Samuel Owen Gallery Owner - Lee Milazzo. 

Mr. Brainwash and Larry King. 

Mr. Brainwash "Super Man" series is a personal favorite of Architect/ Designer Inson Dubois Wood who advises his clients on emerging artists and blue chip secondary market art. 

 Celebrity associations matter - Snoop and Mr. Brainwash / Thierry Guetta. Originally a film documentarian, street artist studying under Banksy, and now a gallery phenomenon, Mr. Brainwash is the lowest entry point for an artist like buying Andy Warhol or Basquiat in the 80's. 

Cant Stop Good Boy - the hottest young prodigy out of Los Angeles. Mr. Brainwash and Banksy have inspired an entire new generation of artists.  

A lot of hype for street art and pop art comes from Banksy and Mr. Brainwash. 

Cant Stop Goodboy - an LA artist is having a lot of success at an early age - his inspiration? Jeff Koons and Banksy/Mr. Brainwash.

Cant Stop Goodboy with the13 step processes to make his painting - Artist and his Muse - Street Art meets Picasson/ Duchamp. Very sophisticated for a young 20 year old artist.

YOUNG PRODIGY ALERT:  Cant Stop Goodboy uses a celebrity model for his muse and Marvel Super Hero Comics for the Headress - a super lowbrow approach is not always a bad thing - if the artwork is good and the concept solid.  Already designing T-Shirts and Sneakers - this self made artist is taking off and seeing stellar success.
PRODIGY ALERT: A fabulous Diptych by,  Cant Stop Goodboy.  The concept - as artists we borrow ( or steal ) nearly everything - supplies imagery, ideas, nothing is truly original - but the composition is what makes it ORIGINAL. Thus the Indian Land was stolen, the headdress imagery even being used by sports team etc... each feather a different  super hero appropriated to a people who used to be fierce and now have been overpowered by Europeans and relegated to reservations. Powerful concepts for a 20 year - old.

Inson Wood filming a documentary on how artists go from the street or ungalleried to having a one man show - shown with Mr. Brainwash's Captain Amercia. 
Mr. Brainwash with one of his personal favorite compositions  - Captain America.

Interiviewing another young attendee of the opening art show at Samuel Owen Gallery in Greenwich CT.  This young film maker loved Banksy's movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" which was about the transformation of Thierry Guetta into Mr. Brainwash - Dr. Frankenstein and the monster was the theme. Now Thierry Guetta the bumbling fool actor of the Hoax movie is cooler than all of the street artists combined - appearing on Jimmy Fallon and Mega DJ Videos by David Guetta.

Endorsing and making sculptures for power luxury brand Dom Perignon. 

Super Arttist, Jeff Koons elects to include his family in his art projects - here the entire brood can be seen posing like one of his sculptures. 

Jeff Koons includes his family in his art shows and award ceremonies - a dedicated family man and father. 

Andy Warhol for BMW.

Warhol often collaborated with other artists - especially Jean Michel Basquiat - a bit like Mr. Brainwash.

Jeff Koons Superman.

Mr. Brainwash signature exploding paint and Muhommed Ali. 

Kate Moss by Mr. Brainwash. 

Balloon Puppy 

Iconic Furniture and Hearts by Mr. Brainwash. 

Zaha Hadid Left and Mr. Brainwash right for Faberge Eggs.

Mr. Brainwash and Gwen Stefani.

Lady Gaga looking very Mr. Brainwash colored. 

Jeff Koons fantastic piece Balloon Dog Seated on display in Astor Place. 

Mr. Brainwash Show was sold out - enough said? 

Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons. 

Lady Gaga Sculpture by Jeff Koons.

Architect Designer/ Art Advisor, Inson Wood,  and Pop Artist, Jeff Koons - both have 3 similar aged children. 

Jeff Koons - sculpture and paintings - stunning beauty in its banality yet complexity of composition. 

Kanye West by Mr. Brainwash. 

Super size me - Jeff Koons superman could not keep up with Jeff in his world dominance of Art and Exhibits. 

You tube has changed the lives of David Guetta and Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash. 

Don't make a monkey out of me - Jeff Koons, Banksy, Warhol and Mr. Brainwash all use the monkey as an iconic figure.

Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga - Double Star Power like Warhol Basquiat and like Guetta and Mr. Brainwash. 

Jeff Koons at the Whitney - some people say its doggie doo - but we say its fun for the whole family.  Like him or not, he is a genius marketer and has made art fun for educated and uneducated alike. 

Jeff Koons pushing the limits much harder than Mr. Brainwash. 

Whitney Alert: Not afraid to unveil his muse and the artist  ( himself ) buck naked at the Whitney Museum. 

Jeff Koons pushing the limits of nudity and scale - photographing l
Lady Gaga naked. Although all buttoned up Jeff Koons has a wild streak still pulsing deep inside of him. 

Lady Gaga in front of her Jeff Koons sculpture at a Brooklyn Concert. 

Always willing to take full credit for his work, Master sculptor, Jeff Koons knows scale matters. 

Mr. Brainwash - is still on the streets making free art in the manner of Banksy. 

An endorsement by Madonna for Mr. Brainwash who did her Album cover never hurts. 

Proof is in the pudding - Mr. Brainwash sells far above estimated cost at Phillips De Pury auction house.

Mr. Brainwash - Size Matters.

Some people have not heard of Banksy - England's most famous pop artists, nor the film he made about Mr. Brainwash called Exit Through the Gift Shop - BUT they have heard of Mr. Brainwash painting a brand new 8 story huge condo in the hippest part of Williamsburg, Brooklyn thanks to the awesome article by the Wall Street Journal which coincided with his Greenwich CT one man show at the Samuel Owen Gallery.  www.samuelowen.com surprisingly this artist only cost $5k to 75k for original paintings - can't quite get a Warhol or Koons painting OR even a print - for that price...Starting painting for Jeff Koons $8-$13 million. Warhol cost range $3 to 108 million dollars.

Like Jeff Koons, Mr. Brainwash loves oversized objects from popular culture. 

Hitchock by Mr. Brainwash - street art goes in an out of the gallery. 

Music and art - by Mr. Brainwash. Mr. Brainwash even sells small art sculptures on his website for $100 - anyone can be a Blue Chip Artist Collector now! www.mrbrainwash.com ( note this does not typically make gallery owners happy - see Damien Hirst and Larry Gagosian. )

Mr. Brainwash in LA. 

Mr. Brainwash in NYC. 

Power to the people - free art by Mr. Brainwash. 

Kanye and Gwen Stefani with Mr. Brainwash. 

Jeff Koons at the Whitney

Jimmy Fallon and Rita get colored - by Mr. Brainwash

Lady Gaga feeling blue - by Jeff Koons. 

Mr. Brainwash interviewed - no artist has been interviewed more than Thierry Guetta.

Having a personality is key to pop artists...hence Banksy can last only so long. People want to know who you are. 

Jeff Koons is indomitable...Hulk.

Most successful show on earth - Most viewed show ever for the MET was Jeff Koons. 

Beauty matters -Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons. 

Andy Warhol and Blondie - blonds have more fun?

Artist, Mr. Brainwash and his muse.