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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold - Paul Gaugin

Gustav Klimt and Cezanne are now  displaced by Gaugin for most expensive painting. 
Paul Gaugin is now the reigning king of all paintings - a gentleman from Quatar recently paid 300 million for this painting made in 1892. 

Francis Bacon recently sold at auction for a record price of 142 million USD - it was a triptych similar to the one above. 

Picasso held the record for most expensive at 104 million for Garcon a la Pipe sold in 2004. 

For Collectibility, Art dealer, Designer/ Archtiect, Inson Wood hands down chooses Picasso over all others for value - " He is the Warhol of the Masters - no one will ever have his level of PR and prolific abilities." - Inson Wood

Van Gogh purchased for 82.5 million USD. 

The Scream by Edvard Munch holds the record for a Pastel - 119 million 

Jeff Koons hold the record for most expensive living artist by far diplacing Gerhard Richter. 

Lichtenstein remains one of the highest selling pop artists with record breaking sales at auction.

Inson Dubois Wood, a New York City based Interior Designer Architect, who sells secondary market and other off market highly  collectible  still favors pop artists such as Koons, Basquiat, Warhol, and Lichtenstein and even high risk  emerging artists such as Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Fairey. Grand Masters are great for those who can afford them and hold them - for those who are looking for a faster return the pop-art world is well funded and well supported at auctions - that is by far your best bet for newer collectors. 

Gerhardt Richter is the highest selling painter. 

Art recommended by Inson Wood includes emerging artists.

A project by Inson Wood has art by Leger.

A project by Inson Wood has a fabulous piece by Changall.

A project by Inson Wood displays a fantastic painting by Zox a contemporary of Rothko. 

Picasso is always a favorite on Inson Wood, even prints by Picasso are selling at record prices. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Villa La Roche by Le Corbusier - the Urban Townhouse House as theatrical stage.

Le Corbusier created Maison La Roche - one of his most sophisticated residential projects in part because of its subtle gestures with color, light and form. 

Two of the greatest minds of all time - Architect, Le Corbusier with Scientist, Albert Einstein - both leaving an indelible mark on modern civilization that we will never escape.  

Le Corbusier introduced the idea of the Modular - with his Modular Man - ideas about the ideal proportions of architecture. 

One of the greatest architects ever, Le Corbusier, was obsessed with bringing light and air into the home for health and emotional reasons. 

An example of Le Corbusiers use of dynamic cantilevers previously only used by engineers for industrial projects. 

Le Corbusier was a radical architect in his time introducing light and abundant use of glass and dynamic engineering to create unheard of feats of engineering at the time never before applied to residential architecture. 

Le Corbusier showing he was not adverse to the use of color - many people do not know that he was an avid sculptor and painter through out his entire life. 

Le Corbusier introduced the use of a ramp in the home for visual and circulatory dynamicism, but proceed with caution as it does not meet US handicap regulations by any means.

Inson Dubois Wood is an architect and interior designer living in New York City with projects currently in New Yorrk, Greenwich, and the Hamptons as well as some overseas consulting shown here in front of a townhouse he designed on the Upper East Side with a glass facade influenced by the work of LeCorbusier. 
There are few things that inspire like a fine piece of architecture. Le Corbusier's Villa LaRoche is one of them. Stark in nature especially for the time, LeCorbusier's  design of Villa LaRoche occurs with the specific tools of color, light and space.  Having studied Le Corbusier intensively at Cornell University of Architecture, sometimes referred to as Corb (usier ) Academy - it was a pleasure to see the structure in person during one of the schools semester abroad in Europe.  Much of the furniture was designed by Le Corbusier. When one feels the scale and dynamicism not normally experienced in photos, one comes away with an entirely new appreciation for Le Corbusier's work.

I implore you to visit this architectural marvel in person - a piece of architecture that ratified the typical home - introducing entirely new levels of light and dynamic space through the use of multi level cantilevers.  The townhouse, as it should be, was the exhibit place for the  clients extensive collection of Modern Art.

Le Corbusier’s architecture creates a deep emotional tension. Thebrut materials roughly shaped into rigorous geometries subvert the common perception of spaces, hitting the wanderer with their sharp rationalism. The imperfect human being feels like an irrational exception in the precise scientific system of pure shapes, marvelously caught in the dialogue of plain surfaces and structured volumes which seem to bring order and clarity to his own ephemeral existence. Like the series of outstanding houses built by the Franco-Swiss architect and his cousin architect Pierre JenneretMaison La Roche could be described as a functional and fully efficient machine for living refusing any intrusive and redundant decor. The architectural and fuctional constraints pushed the duo to experimental solutions conceived according two standards: the Classical and the Mechanical. The exterior blends with the interior through wide breath-taking windows that glimpse at the building’ curved fa├žade sourrounded by the neighbourhood constructions and tree’ fronds. The filtered light enhance the achitectural layout unfolding vertically on three different levels, directly constrasted by the horizontal expansion of the gallery which hosted Albert La Roche’s rich collection of modern art. Everything is under the reassuring control of the purist and austere proportions which celebrate along with the “type-objects” industrial forniture the heroic aspects of everyday life. The mind relieved from its need of domination, surrenders to the brutal poetry of pure volumes.
The architect creates a new order that is concrete projection of his own spirit, by forms and shapes he affects our senses to an acute degree waking in us intense plastic emotions, Courtesy of Le Paradox.

Hours are below:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bangkok Art and Culture Center Shines Light on: Inson Wongsam Thailand's Red Hot Art Alchemy of Gold and Diamonds

Inson Wongsam, internationally acclaimed artist has a Retrospective at the BACC with over 50,000 sq ft of his art on 5 floors.

Internationally acclaimed artist, Inson Wongsam artwork can be seen at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. Inson Wongsam has had art exhibitions in 9 countries around the world in Europe, Africa, USA, and throughout Asia.
Inson Wood, the architect son of Inson Wongsam takes us on a tour of the Legendary Thai artist whose journey from Bangkok to Paris, shaped his world view. All photos by award winning photographer for Architecture Digest and Rizzoli Masseria,  Mark Roskams.

Inson Wongsam artwork can be seen at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wongsam is having a retrospective at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wood and his father, Inson Wongsam, at opening day of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wood and his father, Inson Wongsam, at opening day of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist, at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist, at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist, at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist, at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.
The Ambassador of Italy, Franceso Saverio Nisio, emphasizing the importance of art and culture in Italy and the collaboration of Thai and Italian Artists including my father, Inson Wongsam, who was encouraged to travel to Italy via motorcycle by his Italian art professor to see the works of Michelangelo and Davinci.
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Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist, at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.
Thailands leading Modern Abstract Artist, with Top Art Collector and Philantrhopist, Petch Osathanugrah, and Master Japanese Artist Professor, Eiji Sumi on opening night at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. The enormous space was filled with over 1000 guests and Ambassadors and Diplomats from 5 countries.

Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist, at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist, at the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Navin of Navin Land,  made Thailand's top Artist, Inson Wongsam, the focal point of one of his art shows that travelled to Venice Bienale.

Art by Inson Wongsam, Thailand's top artist.

Inson Wongsam is Thailands top abstract artist.

Inson Wongsam, Thailands top artist - known throughout the world for his epic journey. 

Inson Wongsam, Thailand's leading modern artist, (far right) is being considered by the Guggenheim to showcase his artwork.

Thailand has long been known for its outstanding traditional art and architecture, foremost its golden Buddhas. Now with the work of Internationally Acclaimed Thai Artist, Inson Wongsam, Thailand is on the way to becoming a premier destination for art collectors and gallery curators seeking new visions of the modern art world through an exotic Asian Lens. 
Top 10 things to see in Bangkok, Grand Palace and the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Thailands top Artist, Inson Wongsam, was hailed as a visionary at his opening show in Bangkok Thursday night at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. Over 1000 VIP guests arrived for the opening ceremony of "The Autonomous Spirit" a 50 year Retrospective of Internationally Acclaimed Artist Inson Wongsam.  In attendance were notables such as tthe Ambassador to Italy, Francesco Saverio Nisio and Architect Designer, Inson Wood, who both gave opening remarks. Inson Wongsam's wife, Venetia Walkey, a United Nations Peace Prize recipient also gave a heartfelt speech reviewing the artists career and life spanning 6 decades and 11 countries from India to France then New York City to Japan, China and Thailand.
It was more than 50 years ago that legendary Internationally acclaimed artist, Inson Wongsam, set out on a motorcycle to find himself in the art of European Masters and Abstract artist - pursuing abstract art exploration and never returning to representational art again. 
At 24, the young Northern artist-adventurer travelled on his motorcycle from Chiangmai, Thailand heading west to India and then faraway destinations throughout Europe to broaden his art experiences. Exhibitions along the way at nearly every major University in Delhi, Bombay, Karachi, Instanbul, Bagdad, and a stop in Corfu before going on to Rome and Paris. His travels have been recorded by other artists fascinated  with meetings with artists-critics from different cultures have encouraged him, this energetic Thai sculptor who natural talent and genius exudes creativity, to excel in his unyielding pursuit of abstract works of art to such an extent that he has had shows in 9 countries with little to no Public Relations agent.  Travelling back to the homeland, the determined artist brought back 12 years of art experience in New York City - and proceeded to live without technology for 3 years living nearly a serene version of Apocolypse Now,  with Hill Tribe People in an open air Bungalow with a chicken as his alarm clock and the river as his water source. With the spirit of a creator who explores and revisits his native land, Inson Wongsam has mingled local culture of the Northern Thai and his hyper modern experiences in Paris, New York and Tokyo to create a hybrid futuristic yet almost neo -primitive Abstract art that seeks harmonious interaction between minimal technology ( he does own a cel phone and laptop ) mixed with an appreciation of his artist retreat in Northern Thailand which is a virtual garden of Eden - planted with Mango, Papaya, Leechy, Garlic, Pomegranite, and a series of stunningly beautiful lotus and orchid gardens among which 12 scenic traditional Lanna Thai houses reside in solid Teakwood hidden amongst the lush gardens and forest he personally planted. 
Inson Wongsam: The Autonomous Spirit features over 1000 works including sculptural pieces (1974-now), woodprints (1999-now), and the recent paintings (201- 2present). His works usually reveal uniqueness in relation to the depth of human mind. The exhibition also includes another significant series of sculptures such as "Huay Fai" (1974-1977) which was created from the huge stumps of teakwood trees unfolds the yearning for the purity abides in nature that instigates the community to concern with the loss of trees and forests; miniatures of "Sculptures Under the Sea" (1968-1974), a series of metallic sculptures that suggests the awareness of environmental problems and natural crises are. Some pieces belonging to the series will be fully expressed through a piece of Video art by Jirasak Saengpolsith, Thai contemporary artist; and there is also a set of reassemble sculptures (1997-now), which assembles distinctive pieces of wood with dowel joints that can be adjustable. 
The seminal artist who can intertwine the local principles and weave past, present and future cultures into his abstract art seen through a matrix of  Western art influences from Brancusi to Giacometti and Michelangelo to Davinci - Inson Wongsam bears the distinctive characteristic rarely seen in todays world of copy paste Pop Art. His legend has inspired young artists around the world, who come to visit his mecca of an art studio -  specifically Thai artitst, Wachara Kanha, who was compelled to create biographical documentary about Inson Wongsam's life, quest, and his self-discovery which has left indelible scars and inspired generations with history of this outstanding and visionary Thai artist who has made Thailand proud to be able to say that its country has created a truly international artist, in the work and spirit of Inson Wongsam. Inson Wongsam is being considered by the prestigious Guggenheim Museum to be part of their next artists from around the world exhibit. 
Guest curator: Tuksina Pipitkul
Invited Artists: Jirasak Saengpolsith and Wachara Kanha 
An exhibition by BACC exhibition dept.
For more information, please contact email: exhibition@bacc.or.th
- See more at: http://en.bacc.or.th/event/Inson-Wongsam--The-Autonomous-Spirit.html#sthash.2BDzygzz.dpufhttp://en.bacc.or.th/event/Inson-Wongsam--The-Autonomous-Spirit.html