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Monday, November 23, 2009

IKEA - Takes it to the next level

Many designers boast that they could do great work even if on a tight budget. Ikea makes this an actual possibility. Some interiors accessorize and supplement their rooms keeping them fresh by introducing modern pieces by Ikea. By keeping their overhead low, Ikea does what very few home furnishing stores can do - they make attractive contemporary and modern furniture at affordable prices. Some designers are snobs when it comes to labels - but when put to the test many would have a hard time distinguishing many of Ikea's products from higher end stores. Here are a few recession proof selections by Inson Dubois Wood, a residential interior design firm in New York City. Perhaps not exclusive enough for ultra high end design afficionados - but for people doing their first home on a budget, Ikeas products could be great solution at a price point that everyone likes.