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Monday, November 30, 2009

Peter Marino: Chanel and back

Peter Marino has proven himself a master architect and decorator with a range of styles and proficiency that few can ever hope to emulate. Opening yet another Chanel boutique in Sanfrancisco - he continues to develop the brand of haute couture and simultaneously create stunning homes for the world's most discerning clientelle. Few designers are invited back - but Marino is hailed as a indespensible visionary. Rarely is an architect as sensitive to the exterior as he is to the details of the interior - crossing over to both high-end residential, new construction condominiums and the retail sector. He is the darling of Chanel, Armani, Louis Vuitton for their branding and image as well as the taste maker for many captains of industry. Trained at Cornell's school of Architecture - he is adventurous with his use of materials and texture. His spaces for the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons ( first 2 images ) are as refined and sophisticated as his projects for private homes in the heart of Paris. Although contemporary his spaces are never cold - to the contrary they, they are inviting and very liveable. Where some decorators make a home appear as if it were a museum, Marino's interiors are timeless and looked lived in. Often customizing his own furniture, selecting art for his clients, Marino is a virtuoso when it comes to composing with light and earth tones. Where good interior design often depends on appropriately scaled architecture - he is a connoisseur of both; painting with fabrics and sculpting with steel. Marino is an artist at the highest level. - Ecomanta