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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ross Lovegrove's Outer Orbital Designs - Country Mouse and City Mouse

Ross Lovegrove is a timetraveler, taking us into the future with ever little thing he creates. From the polished stainless bench from last years Art Basel show - to his latest creations - Alpine Capsule retreats and urban Bubble cars. He takes us to other worlds of pristine perfection. As humans all we can do is hope to live up to his inspiring utopic vision. As a designer he pushes the envelope of making the better world place -( for a pricce.)

Liquid bench image courtesy of Design Boom.

Appearing for all the world like a habitable version of Chicago’s Cloud Gate, Lovegrove Studios‘ futuristic Alpine Capsule is designed to blend in with nature, reflecting and complementing its immediate environment. Powered by solar panels and a vertical axis wind turbine, the off-grid alpine retreat features a shimmering glass skin with a reflective coating that allows individuals to sleep under the stars while admiring a 360 degree panorama of the beautiful landscape.

Photograph's Via

The concept involves bubble-shaped cars that are powered by solar canopies on the roof. At night, the cars are stored atop telescopic poles, where they act as street lights and keep the ground level free of parked vehicles.