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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santiago Calatrava - Man of Mystery

Santiago Calatrava stands alone as the single most sculptural architect of the new millenium. His structures combine technology with forms seen in nature - they remind us of marine life and graceful brids of prey. While some portions are unihabitable - the structure itself becomes the beauty within. The interior spaces although equally articulated with structural elements maintain a minimalist zen like quality. Calatrava's buildings cast primarily in concrete have a symbiotic relationship of man and nature. - Ecomanta

The graceful Quadracci Pavilion is a sculptural, postmodern addition designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Highlights of the building are the magnificent cathedral-like space of Windhover Hall, with a vaulted a 90-foot-high glass ceiling; the Burke Brise Soleil, a moveable sunscreen with a 217-foot wingspan that unfolds and folds twice daily; and the Reiman Bridge, a pedestrian suspension bridge that connects the Museum to the city.