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Friday, November 20, 2009

Saphire Bar - Diamonds are forever but a Saphire,,,

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Most bars only look good crowded with people. This bar - ranked no 2 in the world on the top 100 best bars site: - has interiors so chic that its ok if you're the first guests to arrive or the last ones to leave. Either way the space and lighting makes you look chic - simply due to the elegance of the interiors. The lighting is subtle with frontal warm ambient glow providing the most flattering light in which to view others and be viewed. Materials are streamlined modern with metal detailing integrated with a highly polished zebra wood that lines the thresholds and bar surface. The servers are both skilled and friendly and the selection of beverages is staggering - if Saphire doesn't have it then no one does. - Ecomanta

The Saphire Bar (with just the one ‘p’) is one of Berlin's very best whisky bars, stocking a huge variety, including some rarities and unexpected gems. There's also an imposingly large cocktail menu if whisky isn't your thing, many created in-house by the talented bar staff, though, of course, the classics are there too. But it’s those who love the odd dram who will really be in their element. Divided into two elegant lounge areas, the bar is peppered with cosy white leather sofas on which to perch while you sip your drink. Upmarket but not pretentious with it, this is one of Berlin's best.

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