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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sculpture for the road - the most expensive furniture for the tarmac

Some people feel that cars embody the ultimate freedom and status symbol - despite the fact that they depreciate at an alarming rate-- far worse than any home or piece of fine art. That being said the following four wheeled friends can still be acquired for less than a Rothko painting or a Jeff Koons sculpture - and they can take you places... although every mile you drive costs you far more than just the gas in devaluation. The ultimate in conspicuous consumption that few can attain. Unlike some cars these are not available in the no money down cash for clunkers policy at your nearest dealer.

1. Bugatti
- $1.7mil
2. Enzo Ferrari - $0,67 mil
3. Porsche Carrera GT - $0.44 mil
4. Aston Martin one 77 - $2.3mil
5. Audi R8 - $0.17 mil