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Monday, December 7, 2009

Clooney is sly as fox and a jetsetter in Up in the Air and Fantastic Mr. Fox

George Clooney's latest films both represent zeitgeist at its lightest and most poignant forms. In "Up in the Air" dir Jason Reitman, Clooney is a soul searching type faced with life's challenges - Clooney is both funny and pensive and always charming. Appropriate for the unemployed generation - this movie makes us laugh and cry and asks us questions like what are we doing with our lives.

As the animated character's voice of the Fantastic Mr. Fox written by Roald Dahl, Clooney also plays a reflective yet ambitious family man ( or fox ) who has gone back to his old habit of raiding chicken coops, much to his wife's chagrin. Endangering his family and all the wild life of the forest he has to make it up them for his lapse into selfishness - especially his son who he has failed to connect with. Although seemingly for kids - this movie has some very grown up issues it deals with.

In both films, good date movies, Clooney shows his mastery of delivery and both fast and slow dry wit. In the audience, every woman loves him and every man wants to be him. Like a good martini or a strong bottle fermented apple cider - both his looks and his acting can charm the rust off an old bucket. - Ecomanta