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Friday, December 11, 2009

Julian Schnabel and Ian Schraeger GramercyPark Hotel Boutique

The Gramercy Park Hotelin New York City by Ian Schrager goes into unchartered territory of the sublime and the absurd. It is both genius and fantastical like its creators. It is avante garde yet anti-cool in its coolness. This luxury Manhattan hotel has been created by Ian Schrager’s long time partners, Michael Overington and Anda Andrei with design direction from painter Julian Schnabel.The Gramercy Park Hotel’s is one of the most unusual of the high-end boutique design hotels. - opting for a shabby chic rather than traditional or modern deluxe for its interiors. This is a new departure from the typical earth tone streamlined modern chic boutique hotel in New York - offering a Disney Land of Culture and downtownedness that only could exist in New York City. It is a redigested glamour for a new age - it is look at me - while being an almost retro experience. It is the boutique hotel as a 1972 happening. To stay at The Gramercy is as if to enter a 3 dimensional film where you are either a prop or an actor - Ecomanta