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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Boutique Hotel

W Hotel

Smyth Hotel

Graves Hotel

The hotel interiors, by Yabu Pushelberg are upscale yet contemporary, using a blend of fine art and the latest in technology. Incorporating modern artwork integrated with the architecture they are able to create intimate unique modern spaces for each the different outlets. Each guestroom features a specially commissioned edge-lit, etched glass headboards. The rooms also display unique high-end art and photographs. Two ambient light moods—one for functional lighting and the other for a relaxed effect show off the room’s many artistic touches. In addition, each guestroom also offers a distinctive communications experience with the latest technology available. Unlike most boutique hotels, these interiors work both in terms of functionality and leave subtle surprises on the aesthetic side such as hidden flat screens, phantom closets and an overall sleek uncomplicated decor. Natural earth tones, quality material selection, and calm lighting effects help give a feeling of relaxation and reflection at the end of a busy day of work or travel.