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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mary Boone Gallery exhibits Eric Fischl

Mary Boone has a eye for picking a good artist and putting on a stunning exhibition. She has either created stars or picked the stars that will rise even further. The current Eric Fiscshl is different. Large scale glorious paintings of bull fighters bulls; depictions of struggle death and dying. Of man's apparent ascendancy over the brute. The colors are miraculous, yet the content disturbing. In most of the works the stance of the human figures make them seem detatched and as if uncaring as they either watch or enact the bloody messy business of impaling anumals into submission - or in one case regard the lifeless body of a bull. The human faces are blurred and indistinct, leaving the viewer to project what he or she may onto the human participants. Blood is present, but it is often barely visible, a dark red splatter against a dark background. Often luminous backgrounds capture the essence of central and southern Spain; the fugures in their bright, historic costumes add to the sense of elation. This exhition displays formidable artistry. My first visit was too brief to let me fully grasp the implications of these woks. However, the images linger in the mind and I will return to look at their magnificence. - Martin Maurice