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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Patek Phillipe - Hublot, Mille, Jean Dunand, Girard Perregaux - Out of touch, but not out of time

The watch as holiday gift for the man who has everything? Sometimes it is interesting to see what objects humans consider valuable. Although, fine art is at the top of the luxury heap with paintings such as Marc Rothko going for 72 mil, for many men, the most wearable and portable status symbol is the wrist watch. A Patek Phillipe pocket watch recently sold for 11 million at Sotheby's - but it was an antique and took 8 years to fabricate. Above are a few new watches ranging from 500k to 4 mil with features such as tourbillon movement and complication - some with 100 house reserves all mechanical automatically wound. Here are some watch selections at the highest end not only in cost, but also in aesthetics. The pieces chosen here give new meaning to the addage time is money. Just are a few holiday gift ideas...for those who are very naughty or nice? - Ecomanta