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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sotheby's top listing is by David Easton - Master of the Baronial Mansion

David Easton is the all time grand master of the Baronial Mansion. A long time member of Architectural Digests worlds top 100 designers (the latest list is out in this month's issue of AD). His creations are unparalleled in detail from the exterior ornamental architecture to every decorative thread and detail of the opulent interiors. For his illustrious clientelle, Captains of industry seeking new homes fit for an English Lord, have commissioned him to make them historically accurate, yet modern versions of the classical manor home. Homes that are so painstakingly accurate, one might confuse them with the great halls of Haddington or East Lothian. One needn't cross the pond however if one is in search of a home worthy landed gentry for Sotheby's top property of note, Albemarle, is for sale in our own backyard located in Charlottesville, VA for as little as 100 mil. Formerly owned by Patracia Kluge, and accurate to a tee - this home could have been taken right out of one Jane Austen' s very detailed novels - see Ipswitch house ( first image. ) The house is not overly grandiose with only 8 bedrooms, but does come with its own small Chapel that was built at the same time as the house along with stables and storage for chariots set nicely on 300 manicured and landscaped acres. Whether you need this home or not, it is well worth collecting as a neo-historic keepsake from one of America's greatest residential designers. Howard Roark ( Frank Lloyd Wright might not agree, but this is the penultimate place to be if you want to host a small party of your closest friends.

Albemarle House, one of the most important residences created in the United States since the Golden Age consists of 300+/- acres in Charlottesville Virginia. Surrounded by history, Albemarle House is neighbors to some of Virginia's greatest and most important estates including Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland. Built in the neo-Georgian style, Albemarle House is a stunning example of an English country estate. Conceived by philanthropist and wine maker Patricia Kluge and world renowned architect/designer David Easton and his team, only the finest materials and accomplished artisans and craftsmen were employed in building this spectacular residence. Their vision became one of the best-known homes in the United States and the inspiration for the next generation of manor-style houses.[P_USDPrice+%3E%3d+50000000]&No=0&PSeq=0