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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Architectectural Digest Top 100 Names Molyneux

Juan Pablo Molyneux is one of the most revered designers of all time. He has a charisma about him that draws the world's most powerful patrons to seek him out for his undeniably lavish and exquisite interiors. Originally trained as a modern architect in Chile, Molyneux has taken the human habitat to levels imagined only by kings and emperors of times past. No one can claim such elaborate commissions - and if they do - rarely can it be done with the level of taste and historical acumen that is possessed by Juan Pablo.. Unlike most decorators, Molyneux because and in spite of his training as an architect, his sensitivity and critical eye forces him to approach all projects from ground zero whether a renovation or a new construction residence - he starts from a blank slate - absolute and unequivocal tabula rasa. This project was created in the heart of Paris in a Hotel Particuliare and transformed into something even more magical than the orignal. It is a residence created for the sole purpose to entertain guests and relax from the hectic streets of Paris. Molyneux creates his villas and chateaux with the same rigor and discipline - leaving no detail unscrutinized. Without the help of craftsmen of Frances historical guilds these interiors would not have the same appropriate scale and detail - only the best of a dying breed are used on his projects. Only Louis XVI could truly appreciate his elaborate interiors. If Molyneux ever leaves the design world there will be a void that is impossible to fill not only in grandness but in boldness. Regardless of the particular style, a fearless designer is what creates a memorable work of art.