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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eco Friendly Furniture by Yoshioka at the Milan Furniture Fair

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To create Memory, or “chair without a shape,” Yoshioka made a special fabric from recycled aluminum. After crafting a chair, the designer draped the fabric in a dome over the piece of furniture. The final design is a shape-shifting chair that contours to the body of whomever sits in it.

In addition to employing eco-friendly fabrics, Yoshioka says he hopes the chair’s metamorphic nature will inspire people to think about nature. “This chair might remind us of the beauty in nature with its ever-changing expressions, and also create the impression as if there is no presence of design,” Yoshioka said in a statement.

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The Memory chair by Yoshioka, unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair, is a fascinating departure of the designer to descend into the unknown. Creating and object that transforms everytime one sits in it is the ultimate zen in non-attachment. He is not authoring its final form or configuration. Instead Yoshioka is relinquishing his authorship and allowing the end user to interact with the piece as a do it yourself piece of art. Whether or not people are fully comfortable being invited to participate in the objects final manifestation remains to be seen. This chair is another example of today's designers willingness to enter into the unkown where the final form is often less important than the idea. Anything that makes us think is a powerful tool of reflection. It is furniture as art at the highest level. - Inson Wood