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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Milan Expo Designer Unveils Cocoon Furniture Spun by Silkworms

Designer Rock Wang has unveiled an incredible line of furniture created by silk worms spinning fibers around a bamboo form. Each piece takes 5 days of spinning to create and the result is a 100% natural silk-covered chair that is durable and waterproof. Beautiful and sculptural, Wang’s “Cocoon Plan” line of furnishings is the best representation of “design by nature” that we have seen so far at Milan Design Week.

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Sometimes design is anti-cool and thats whats cool about it. These unusually shaped organic pieces of furniture by Wang make one pause as to the designer's point of inspiration. Embracing the anti aesthetic is one way of exploring the zen path - anti-chic can be powerful if you know what you're doing. These pieces speak to a certain clientelle looking for something different and something not seen before. This takes "man"ufacturing to a new dimension as they are woven by the silk worms themselves if you can believe that. Nature has its way of titillating the senses. -Ecomanta