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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yves Behar Sustainable Chandeliers Meet the Crystal Palace

Inhabitat favorite Yves Béhar has just unveiled a stunning set of pendant lamps made from recycled paper that manage to capture the shimmering effect of crystal chandeliers. His gemstone-shaped Amplify lanterns utilize a tiny crystal to diffract light from an led bulb, creating a beautiful effect.

For the past 8 years, Milan’s Salone del Mobile design fair has featured the Crystal Palace, described by the company as “Swarovski’s think tank, a platform for creative expression and experimentation with innovation and technology.”

Behar’s contribution to this year’s event is composed mostly of recycled paper, although it does feature an actual crystal on its inside that refracts a hidden LED light onto the paper’s surface. The result: a simple yet intricate design that reveals the creative potential for paper lanterns. The lantern is on display now at the Salone del Mobile.

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These unique pieces de lumiere are a magnificent use of materials - true alchemy. Taking everyday recycled paper and creating a valuable array of magical pieces. In someways the paper takes the edge off the crystal allowing for an almost ephemeral use of the refraction of light. Hats off to the designer who took his sponsor to a new level entirely. This is the story of the prince and the pa(u)per.