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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brides Newlywed Nest Designer Showhouse by Inson Wood goes Eco chic

(photos by Craig Paulson Photography)

In its second week open the Brides Newlywed Nest Designer Showhouse has had great reception with over 300 people coming to visit each day this weekend. Designer Inson Wood of Inson Dubois Wood LLC, based in New York City, employed sustainable design methods with many of the furnishings, fixtures, and accessories featuring eco-friendly. Many of Inson Wood's high-end clientelle have been asking for eco friendly approaches to design when embarking on a new interior design project both as an act of social responsibility as well as for health reasons. When Brides magazine approached him for their Newlywed nest assignment in New Yorks hottest new LEED certified condo in the ultra chic up and coming East Village he was all too ready to accept the challenge. As the home was to represent the Newlywed's young lifestyle to incorporate elements of his and hers as well as the goal of having the couple merge their belongings as well as aligning in the common goal of sharing a home together and entertaining family and friends.

Many of today's young couples when buying a home are actually interested in living responsibly and trying to minimize their carbon footprint while still enjoying the luxuries of modern technology. Many of the millwork built-ins and furniture were made from recycled materials and also with all natural sustainable and renewable materials. In this 3 story triplex penthouse all of the appliances are energy efficient including the refrigerator that is made of 100% recyclable materials. The Toto fixtures employed are all water saving without sacrificing luxury and comfort. One of the simplest moves the building did was to use all warm florescent bulbs throughout the entire building in service areas as well as the main residences. To encourage the use of the energy efficient bulbs which save over 30% of the normal energy the building gives free replacement bulbs to all of its residents.

On the 2000 roof terrace and solarium space, Wood employed the use of new solar powered indoor outdoor floor lamps and table lamps by Ikea. A green area is planted with minimal irrigation plantings to reduce the heat island effect of the roof area. In keeping with the eco-friendly theme of the residence, 311 E. 11th Street, one of New York City's first Gold LEED Certified condominiums, Benjamin Moore's new non VOC non-toxic Natura paint was used throughout. A combination of gunmetal gray and sky blue accent walls are offset by splashes of reds in curtains and throw pillows and an occasional upholstered piece. Even the Venetian plaster and French stucco wall treatments are 100% natural made from crushed limestone and marble combined with mother of pearl dust. One mixed media painting by Roxanne Rossi employs cotton paper made from recycled denim jeans.

The entire showhouse will be for auction and proceeds will go to the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

The show is open from April 24th to May 22nd. For details of events and workshops go to: