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Friday, May 28, 2010

Ross Lovegrove: Cosmic Landscape

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'cosmic landscape' is a collection of lighting designed by ross lovegrove for artemide. an installation of the lamps are being presented in the artemide showroom in milan during the 2010 design week.

'the cosmic landscape appears to have emerged from a digital laval flow of light...out of a ceiling, out of a wall, out of a floor... releasing its complex shape as algorythmic air... liberated into free space it seems to cool into a complex three dimensional sponge of light... appearing dematerialized so its edges blur becoming dimmed and soft on the eyes, changing its color, enjoying its nebula nature.' - RL

the 'cosmic landscape' table lamp, wall / ceiling and suspension models are made from a transparentmethacrylate structure, with an injection-moulded opal methacrylate diffuser.

the 'cosmic rotation' pendant are made from painted aluminum lighting unit injection-moulded opal methacrylate diffuser. when the lamp is turned on, the diffuser is colored externally due to the light transmittance, conferring an extremely light volumetric effect. the 'cosmic rotation' wall / ceiling lamps are made from a painted metal structure with injection-moulded opal methacrylate diffuser.

'the cosmic mugg has its own direction... it seems to want to swim in its own tchnological light ocean... it projects light downward and outward light some strange new marine species... defining a new kind of relationship with the emotion of form and space, very very free in its concept and application.' - RL

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Ross Lovegrove takes lighting into the unknown territory of non-structural form. Unlike most lighting the envelope is synonymous with the structural support. The blurring of lines of light source, wrapper and structure is exquisite in its execution. The viewer cannot determine where the structure stops and the skin begins. This subtle nuance is the genius behind his new "cosmic" - simply out of this world.