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Thursday, June 17, 2010

LEED Platinum Rated Eco House

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LivingHomes Founder Steve Glenn has knocked the socks off the eco-conscious world with his modern homes that emphasize beauty + environment. As I've been thinking about how I want to blog about this company, I've noticed a flurry of posts and press releases regarding this Ray Kappe-designed abode that was just awarded LEED-H Platinum. It's such an incredible home, with that undeniable confluence of modern and sustainability. Hard to beat that. This is the first residential building to receive the USGBC's Platinum LEED-H rating and it's raising the bar for residential construction: zero energy, zero water, zero waste, zero carbon, and zero emissions. LivingHomes received a total of 91 out of a total possible 109 points, to barely skirt past the 90 point threshold required to obtain a Platinum rating. It will be 80% more efficient than similar sized home and was constructed with 75% less waste than a traditional one.
Factory-built v. Stick-built: With your typical stick-built home, there's generally about 30-40% more excess materials ending up at the landfill. There's almost none with a factory built home, so these modern prefab designs are going to get real popular. The factory prefab movement is taking the waste out of the construction function and making the process better. And this is all happening in a sexy way.

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The time has come for America to consider cutting waste and maximizing energy usage and carbon emissions. For those who cannot afford a custom home - prefab structures are now an economical way to get a fantastic home while keeping cost low and increasing all aspects of sustainability. These homes should be encouraged across the nation and even be considered for export. For too long the US has been able to waste our valuable resources unnecessarily while the rest of the world forges ahead with far more efficient homes and developing methods of energy conservation. Steven Glenn has taken the prefab home and created a viable and attractive modern home that meets platinum Leed qualifications - not an easy task. As more and more homes develop the technology for sustainable building the cost will begin to decrease making them ever more affordable and cost and energy efficient. One questions the efficiency of the double volume spaces throughout the structure in terms of cooling and heating - but spatially it adds a wonderfully dynamic flow to the overall composition. Prefab structures have come a long way both in terms of design and efficiency. - Ecomanta