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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Philippe Starck: Revolutionizes Wind Turbines

Image & Text by Inhabitat

Two highly-anticipated wind turbine designs for home use! Dubbed “Revolutionair,” the sleek turbines were officially debuted after a lengthy 2 years of research and work. The “Revolutionair” turbines will be “revolutionary” in that they are designed for domestic use by homeowners. That means that ordinary individuals can put them in their yards, gardens or on roofs to generate power for their households. The clear quadrangular 400W WT model has a power output of 400W and the helicoidal 1KW WT one will be able to generate 1 KW of power.

Phillip Starck who is better known for his whimsical philosophical presentations of luxury designs, than for the pragmatic,has come up with a beautiful and functional wind turbine more applicable to individual users without a huge upfront investment that most wind turbines require. More importantly the turbines truly look unobtrusive and could be an attractive addition to any yard or roof top. Now he explores the ecofriendly world of energy saving wind turbines bringing us a technical object in a beautiful form. - Ecomanta