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Friday, October 15, 2010

Villa by Daniel Libeskind - Prefab goes upscale

Images & Text by Dezeen

Architect Daniel Libeskind has unveiled Villa, a made-to-order luxury house that can be delivered and assembled anywhere in the world.
Built in Germany, the zinc-clad Villa has two interior design options: “Libeskind Style” and “Casual Style”.

The Villa costs from 4 to 6 million, depending on location, including shipping and assembly. Here’s some information from the Villa brochure:

Like a crystal growing from rock, a dramatic structure emerges from the ground: The Villa, designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, is a work of art. Built from premium materials, this German-made, sculptural living space meets the highest standards in design, craftsmanship and sustainability. It is unique at every turn, offering maximum insulation and durability, cutting-edge technologies and compliance with some of the toughest energy-saving standards across the world.

Prefab luxury homes? It seems a bit of an oxymoron, but Daniel Libeskind has attempted the impossible.

A made to order prefab house sounds about as appetizing as a custom fast food meal. However, if the head chef is Daniel Libeskind, it might be quite palatable. Unlike most prefab homes this house in made by high-end German craftsmen. The best features beyond a truly unique design, is the cutting edge eco friendly insulation and sustainable technologies available on the market. The heat gain and loss coefficient is impressively high given the large spans of glass employed. The latest German technology is employed with energy savings as well as water efficiency. New York designer, Inson Wood , call this house "Libeskind's nod to the new economy. Streamlined, with modesty, and understated eleganceb - but with a conscientious focus on efficiency and a sense of dignity. It is a projection into a future of hope and enlightenment."