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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To Work a TV Into Your Home - Inson Wood Interior Designer in New York shows how

There are many ways to work a TV into your home. New York City Interior Designer, Inson Wood of Inson Dubois Wood LLC shows us how his design firm manages to elegantly surface mount or flush mount a TV into a variety rooms. For most people who do not want the headache of a hidden lift, having the TV exposed but built into the environment is an acceptable solution. Interior designers in New York City as well as Decorators often have the difficulty of finding the best solution. As Americans we have to face the reality that we like our TV's and if we are not willing to have it in a cabinet or behind operable doors than we should at least try to have it mounted elegantly. Many brands now have 1" thick monitors and articulating arms make extending them out to the ideal viewing angle an added plus. Often times says Wood, try to have the TV as flush to the wall as possible - often this can be achieved by recessing the mount into the wall. Then you can add sconces on either side so that when the TV is off, at a cocktail party, for example, it looks like a framed piece of art. Whatever you do, do not have cables dangling down - its not only not good Feng Shui, but the clutter leads to an overall feeling of clutter. For more ideas on how to hide TV's behind automated lifts,2 way mirrors and drop down screens go to New York City decorator architect, Inson Dubois Wood's site at