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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Derek Lam Soho Retail Store is a New York Interior Designers dream

Images via Dezeen

The 2,800 square foot boutique, situated on the ground floor of a 19th century manufacturing building at 10-12 Crosby Street, will carry Lam’s ready-to-wear and accessories collections. The T-juncture of Crosby and Howard Streets in downtown New York is a rarefied and sophisticated shopping corner at the eastern edge of SoHo, just blocks from the SANAA-designed New Museum. Several of New York’s most unique and high-end luxury brands chose this quiet T- juncture and neighbors include jewelry designer Ted Muehling, antiques specialist De Vera, and the Jil Sander boutique.

I actually saw these mammoth pieces of giant lucite being installed. Each piece weighs up to 2 tons and required a crane, a series of dollies and 20 men to guide it through the unfinished facade. The pure simplicity of the space is further emphasized by the fact that there are only a few articles of clothing on display. Apart from some articulated shoe displays that mimic the curve of the clear curved lucite panels - there is almost nothing in the space. The faux chain mail curtains are a brilliant way of articulating a soft element that is made from hard metal. the curtain further enhances the presence of the clear panels. Its worth a trip as the sheer enigmatic nature of these giant invisible screens has the power of a Richard Serra, but instead of feeling like the could crush you - they seem as if the could carry you up and away to new heights. Save yourself some time and book lunch at Balthazar while your near by. - Inson Wood