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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pitched Roof House - Chenchow Little

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This house in Australia by Chenchow Little embodies many of the beauties of the modern movement, but with nods to contemporary living. Unlike its mid-century counterparts the structure takes full advantage of the play of indoor outdoor while not being afraid to take chances in the ambiguous. What is most intriguing is that the entire ominous black skin appears to have been peeled back to create great swaths of glass allowing light into the various indoor and outdoor spaces. As a result of this delayering a series of triangulation occurs making a host of diamond shaped windows and entry points clad in a milk glass.
The tension between indoor minimalist luxe and airy terraces truly sets this house apart from the traditional home. Unlike a standard vernacular dwelling, this machine of light and air makes it feel as if one could simply find escape from stale air at any turn. Immense glass doors slide back to allow for 40' open air terrace that literally become an extension of the living room. The car park is ingenius as once again the metallic skin is peeled back to reveal a hidden garage.
-Inson Wood, Interior Designer New York City