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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ron Arad Even Odd Balls Can Make Chairs

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Ron Arad is one of the worlds greatest designers bar none. His chairs have sold for over 300,000 dollars and he is onto architectural masterpieces of extraordinary complexity combined with a sophisticated philosophical discourse. His "Even Odd Balls" pieces show his whimsical yet analytical approach to what furniture is. The chair is no longer the functional piece of equipment to sit in at the periphery of a room - instead it has become a sculptural and conceptual piece of art that is comfortable in the outdoor garden. Ron Arad who was studied at the Architectural Association in London and later became head of the design department at the Royal College of Art gained super star fame when he was chosen as the darling theme designer for Dolce & Gabbana. With their runway show - he released his Body Guard series that later toured to galleries such as Friedman Benda in Chelsea NYC selling upwards of $350,000.

Unlike most furniture designers - he knows no bounds and limits. His retrospective show at MOMA, proved he is a top interior designer in New York, as he designed the entire layout for his show including fantastic display units and graphics. The exhibition showed a man who is hyper talented, relentless, persistent and yet forever malleable. He has the same beat up studio in an old car garage with little to no natural light that looks something more out of some sci-fi hacker world movie than the creative studio of an architect. Arad shows off his fleet of mini economy cars many of which were custom designed for the car manufacturer. At the center of the outdoor courtyard/junkyard sits a crucial element for any office - the ping pong table. An avid ping pong player - just don't beat Arad or you are likely to find yourself seeking employment elsewhere. The mad hatter seems to have a joie de vivre that few can harness in the land of fog and tea time. His chairs are made of plexi, resins, carbon fibre, titanium, rusted steel, polished stainless, wood, and every synthetic known to man.

He is truly an unstoppable force of nature and his search for new exotic materials to shape into chairs and sculptures never ceases. - Ecomanta