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Friday, January 28, 2011

Creative Environmentally Friendly Modern Homes

Hidamari-no-ie_NRM Architect
Osaka, Japan

CO2 Saver House_Peter Kuczia 
Lake Laka, Poland

Orchid House_Andres Remy Arquitectos
Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Crowsnest Modular Home_Challenger
Crow's Nest Pass, Alberta, Canada

Hill House_ Johnston Marklee & Associates 
Pacific Palisades, California 

Passive House_Karawitz Architecture
Bessancourt, France

The Eyelid House_Fiona Winzar Architects 
South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

Manifesto House_James & Mau, For Infiniski
Curacavi, Chile 

North Bend House
North Bend, Washington  


Luxury Island House_IROJE KHM Architect
Gapyunggun, Gyeounggi-do, South Korea 
The extremely high level of ecofriendly homes  that are coming out of Asia, Europe and the West is truly impressive.  Use of recycled and repurposed materials is extremely way to lower ones carbon foot print. Solar, geo thermal and high efficiency appliances and low e glass are allowing home owners to consume less and less fossil fuels. Renewable energy is the wave of the future. There should be more government incentives to ignite a movement in America to conserve more - we are beaten only by Dubai in consumption per capita.