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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 5 Kitchen Design tips - White is back in fashion

5 Top Tips for Modern Kitchen Design:

1. Hire a professional.
Too often time, money is spent trying to do it yourself. A professional designer knows infinitely more than your average kitchen showroom designer and in addition should have the contacts to get it done quickly in a coordinated manner. Professional designers will have the added benefit of a relationship with the vendor if the vendor wants continued referrals - this works in your favor.

2. Go Custom
If you use a high-end cabinet maker - you can modify any aspect and repair it easily if dinged. Its not fun to send a panel back to Italy to be repainted when the lacquer chips. And even less so if its the wrong dimension upon arrival. Any changes you make can be done easily by a local vendor if he fabricated the piece. Often times you can save money and not be constrained by dimensional details or not compliant fixtures.

3. Aim high - Brand Name Appliances
Go for the most prestigious names you can. They don't have to be the highest end but it helps. You never know when you might sell your home. Realestate studies have shown appliances alone can sway a potential buyer in your favor and create value at 6 times the cost. And the time that you using them will be stress free if not pleasurable if you like to cook.

4. Less is More
The less there is to bump into, clean or wipe the better. White surface and backgrounds let you focus on food and ensure a hygienic work surface. Classical profiles are just more places for bacteria to build up in. Use materials that are stain proof, heat resistant and wipeable/durable.

5. No man is an Island
If possible always have an island or at least a small work table. Getting away from the corner and overhead cabinets is key when preparing foods. Even if all you can fit in is a small peninsula. Islands can provide additional seating, dining, a sink, storage, refrigeration, but most importantly its a space to attack your project from all angles and unencumbered.

Make sure you account for all your storage needs - have organized sections and use space savers where ever possible. And don't forget to have fun with it! For more kitchen ideas go to one of New York City's top designer website.

Images & Text via

Frankfurt-based architecture studio reinhardtjung (dagmar reinhardt, alexander jung)
an interior renovation project in Berlin, Germany. housed in a gründerzeit building from the early 1900s, the project retrofits two apartments to create and distribute a network of spaces that 'float' into one another.

during the designing process, the firm drew elements from antoine de saint-exupéry's famed novella, 'the little prince'. the illustration in question is of a boa that swallows an elephant, where the first drawing only depicts the outline of the enclosed inhabitant followed by a second which shows the interior content of the snake. an object forms a shape but form depends on the content. 'fns apartments', in a similar manner, aims to disguise the existing boundaries and thresholds of common residential spaces to create architectural objects that are shaped by their functions.

Consisting of movable walls and flexible architectural elements, the apartments give no defining routine practice but engages the inhabitants with the formation of new zones. the resulting design encourages boundaries to 'float' into one another instead of designating one program per space where functions are neatly aligned along the wall surface. carefully placed compact service components loosely define the surrounding area and host a number of services such as storage, shower, the kitchen, and dividers.