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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eco Friendly New York Condo Development Trumps Manhattan

HL23_515 West 23rd Street_Tenth Ave and Eleventh Ave 

The Riverhouse_1 River Terrace_Vesey Street and Murray Street 

Millennium Towers Residences_30 West Street_ Rector Street and Morris Street 

Liberty Luxe_200 North End Avenue_Murray Street and Warren Street 

The Visionaire_70 Little West Street_Second Place and Third Place 

Superior Ink_400 West 12th Street_Washington Street and West Street

One can blame Neil Denari for setting the bar high with design complexity in his High Line project - but many developers have gotten on the Green bandwagon.  One can argue that luxury apartments with huge glass windows are not entirely ecofriendly, but compared to the greenhouse gases emitted from even basic houses, the typical Manhattan apartment is green as it is well insulated at a minimum on the top and bottom by the pure fact that it is indeed an " apartment" with shared infrastructure.  Many new condos are taking it a step further with repurposed materials used in floor, counter, and even wall surfaces.  Lighting and high efficiency appliances and even sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind are being implemented.  Quality insulation is also redefining heat and air conditioning in terms of efficiency and energy/cost savings.  Although with many developer projects employ less than inspired interior design, ( some might say that much of it already seems a bit dated, ) many offer quality interiors that just need personalizing.