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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rem Koolhaas meets Miu Miu Italian Villas Paris, Fashion Runways

Edouard Malingue Gallery_Hong Kong

Edouard Malingue Gallery, the first gallery in Hong Kong dedicated to Modernism and Impressionism, juxtaposes two distinct environments: for the 750 square feet of exhibition space, an articulated sequence of three rooms encased in an aluminium volume visible from the street; for reception and administration, an open office area that reveals the original structure of the building. 

 Venice Biennale 2010_Cronocaos, Italy, Venice

Initial idea for this exhibition was to focus on 26 projects that have not been presented before as a body of work concerned with time and history. In this room, it shows the documentary debris of these efforts. But 2010 is the perfect intersection of two tendencies that will have so-far untheorized implications for architecture: the ambition of the global task force of 'preservation' to rescue larger and larger territories of the planet, and the global rage to eliminate the evidence of the postwar period of architecture as a social project. In the second room, it shows the wrenching simultaneity of preservation and destruction that is destroying any sense of a linear evolution of time. The two rooms together document the period of acute CRONOCAOS. 

 Miu Miu Catwalk Woman FW 2010_Paris, France

Miu Miu's Fall/Winter 2010 women's collection is presented in a house, a Parisian Villa. The domestic scale creates intimacy. As the models wander through its many rooms, the house becomes a place to project memories and familiar images of childhood. The collection is tangibly embedded into reality. 

Prada Catwalk Man & Woman FW 2010_Milan, Italy