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Monday, July 11, 2011

Genetic Stair: Caliper Studio

 Caliper Studio’s experimental research-focused design process makes a perfect marriage with a fully integrated generative component design.  The Genetic Stair showcases the inherent capabilities of advanced parametric design methodologies coupled with computer based structural perfomative analysis.  With the development of a structural system/language that permits an evolving progression of possible solutions that are computationally and objectively fine tuned; defining the limits between beauty and material efficacy.  The Studios inspiration in the structural laws of Nature are directly translated into a intrinsic genetic code that has a transparent logic to it, based on redundancy and material logic.  The stairs refined palette demonstrates that exuberant design could be achieved with minimal effort and maximum intention.

This stair by caliper studion embodies the essence of the modern stair.  Upon the descent it would appear to the user that his journey is one of a minimalist venture. But upon arrival at the base of the stair one looks back to see an array of geometric rods converging at all sorts of angles. The creators have somehow attempted to make sense out of a seemingly chaotic bundle of sticks - allowing the flow of energy to be broken at every tread. While the structure is erratic - the planes of safety  - rails and treads - become stripped down and bear.

Photo Credits: Ty Cole