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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tokyo Interior Design - Green Restaurant

Retail interiors by Chikara Ohno of Tokyo-based architecture and interior firm Sinato are often characterized by elegant simplicity and smart use of light. A great example of this is organic store and restaurant, +green. It is located on the ground floor of a basic concrete-frame apartment building in a residential section of Tokyos Jiyu Street, close to one of the city’s largest parks, Komazawa.

The 111.5 square meter (1,200 sq.ft) space is exceptionally high (about 4.4 meters or 14.4 feet) and much of it is underground but customers — and light – can move freely between the three levels.
The take-out, popular by park picnickers, is on the ground floor. In +green, Ohno has used clever partitioning, neutral materials and subdued colors to create a space that appears both intimate and large, and despite its underground location, has a refreshing, airy feel. - Tuija Seipell.

Tokyo architects and designers have an attention to detail unparalleled by any other culture. Miniature scale bars and restaurants are part of the complex fabric of one of the densest and most technologically advanced cities on earth. Fantastic pieces of architecture built under 900 sf are often found near the city center in Nishiazabu and Ropongi.   This space by Sinato is large at 1200 sf but when one considers that the main stair occupies at third of the space - the actual usable floor area is minimal.  The stair leads into a basement space which is also funtional as it creates a feeling of privacy.