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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to pick a bath tub - Boffi, Agape, Vitra, Arc Linea

There is nothing quite as compelling as a sculptural shape that acts a cleansing vessel as the free standing bath tub.  When there is ample space - a bath tub can create a feeling of total resolve and calm.  Nothing sooths the soul and muscles like a well appointed bathroom with a tub that is easy on the eyes.  Todays selection of tubs allows designers to provide an array of beautiful tubs made from stone, ceramic, metal, Corian, fiberglass and other various materials that are smooth and even warm to the touch.  Seductive shapes that actually embrace the body in ergonmic curves provide the ultimate respite to the busy city or active lifestyle.  Why settle for claustrophobic built in tubs when you can have a fantastic piece of sculpture sitting in your bathroom.    -