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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Juan Montoya - the sleekness of a race car - Master Interior Designer

A truly original thinker, Juan Montoya is not wedded to a particular style or period. Initially labeled a minimalist, his work has evolved dramatically since it first came to public attention in 1977. The great diversity found in Juan Montoya's work notwithstanding, it is possible to trace the elements that constitute the Montoya look in all of his interiors. The exquisite juxtaposition of textures, colors and volumes, together with thoughtful attention to shadows, scale, and spatial quality, result in interiors that exude refinement and elegant simplicity. Through the careful placement of objects that often reflect his interest in a variety of cultures, Montoya enhance the inherent qualities of room.

Juan Montoya is a designer that creates ultra luxury interiors at the level of the Master Class. As a true master should be he is comfortable working in any language, style, genre, or period.  He explores materials that few other decorators ever dream of.  His elite clientelle often allow him absolute reign over the composition - to realize his vision uninhibited by their dillitante requests.  He commands the ultimate respect and is unquestioned when it comes to his masterworks.  The exacting attention to detail and unyielding  will to achieve his goal are what sets him apart from his contemporaries. - Inson Wood