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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zaha Hadid's Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland

Photography by the illustrious Iwan Baan, courtesy of Interior Design Magazine

Zaha Hadid has finally done it.  She has made a bad building!  The latest structure in Glasgow lacks the 5 elements that make true architecture.  The building fails in terms of all organizational strategem.  There is no progression from the moment one walks in the building circulation is absolutely confused.  The vehicles that are displayed are erratic and strangely static. Zaha has failed to create any elements of surprise and even worse has neglected to provide a true sense of circulation though out the entire structure.  If one doesn't have a sense of purpose they surely will not find it here.  Her concept of smooth space is completely interrupted by the zigzag roof that abruptly terminates with a static grid window.  Its as if the builder ran out of money - but sadly that was the original design. When Zaha Hadid strays from concrete all her magic disappears.  She should stick to the fluid material of concrete and introduce glass only when it can adhere to her complex nautical geometries.  Like the Olympic swimming arena in London - the grid is the nail in the coffin for a Zaha structure.  Fluidity is dashed upon the rocks as if she has had a bad critique by her former professor Rem Koolhaas.  Green means go - but for Zaha she will need ghost busters to exorcise the demons from this failed attempt.  Isn't it a bit literal to have a great majority of the vehicles match the ceiling paint colors?  What would Thomas the tank engine think - well I guess Percy would approve, but lets leave the adolescent design schemes for Kindergarten.  The wealthiest starchitect on the planet should know better - or higher some younger creative talent.  The roof plane is the best feature, but alas only the occassional bird or business executive in a helicopter will see it.  The rest of us will have to have to crawl home feeling a bit green.

- Ecomanta