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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Herve Van Der Straeten - Ralph Pucci curates only the best.

Ralph Pucci is an extraordinary collector of the worlds most beautiful objects.  Each piece of art - cum furniture is unique and can stand alone activating a room.  His collection ranges from the Banks of the Rive Gauche in Paris to Dumbo Brooklyn.  Names such as Herve Vanderstraeten are mingled in with elegant neo-midcentury recreations by the likes of David Weeks.   Such is the beauty of Herve VanderStraeten's line of furniture jewels that they can literally go in any environmnet - a country estate, a pre-war classic 9, a Tribeca penthouse, a Soho loft, even a traditional townhouse.  Most pieces are made in cast bronze carefully hand chased an finished in exquisite metals - gold, nickel, silver, chrome.  Apart from his priceless cast bronze credenzas and slightly more affordable mirrors - I absolutely love his space age cast red laquered ottomans.  Simply perfect as a foot stool or small bench - these precious jewels adorn all of my projects.  They are a foot note of respect to one of the world's absolute highest end furniture designers.  - Inson Wood