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Thursday, October 13, 2011

José Rafael Moneo: Harvard Architecture and the Lady of Angels

Photos. Liao Yusheng

Rafael Moneo was at Harvard while I was there.  You will find no other more disciplined Architect in the world. As he taught his students, and adheres to in his own work - Every single line must have a reason.   There is no excess, nothing whimsical, nothing by chance.   There is no formalism present here - nearly every form has a reason AND a function.  Every texture has a purpose and every line has a reason.  He is the master of the manipulated shoe box.   For Moneo in the end it is the point that you realize, " This is it, it is just me and the rest of eternity. What happens if there is no heaven/ Little matters as Moneo's buildings purify us in their simplicity and are never for whimsy's sake.  Moneo is the real deal and intends to leave his mark in the sands of simplicity.  It is hard to say which is more zen - the inside or the outside house.  - Inson Wood