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Saturday, October 8, 2011

London Olympics 2012- Zaha Hadid makes waves

According to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), work is complete on the huge southern roof support for the 160m-long wave-shape roof of the Zaha Hadid designed centre, which will mark the gateway to the Olympic Park during the 2012 Games and in legacy.  

‘Hadid’s revolutionary design incorporates a sinuous S- shape (inspired by the flow of water) that is a continuation of the Lower Lea Valley landscape. The unique roof structure transforms and adapts to the variety of spaces it encloses yet presents itself as a homogeneous entity that will become the world’s premiere aquatic facility.

Work is underway on the two northern roof supports for the 2,800-tonne steel roof which will begin to be installed from spring next year. Over 3,000 tonnes of concrete has been poured to create the base of one of the supports, to bridge the tunnels which have been dug to run powerlines beneath the site. The other northern support is being built with four metres high of concrete already poured.’ 

Zaha Hadid's London Aquatics Center is one of the focal points of the upcoming London Olympics in 2012.  She borrows ideas from past masters such as Le Corbusier Russian Pavillion and Oscar Neyemeier's Brazillia but creates her own manifestation that is both stunningly beautiful yet strangely contextual.  The bracketed winged seating areas flow seamlessly from the pool and roof exoskeleton. Unfortunately budget constraints combined with bureaucratic red tape forced her to have to incorporate the two massive rectilinear wings that would otherwise have been organic flowing shapes.