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Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Console by Inson Dubois Wood - "Manhattanite"

The latest console "Then Manhattanite" by Inson Dubois Wood of Inson Dubois Wood LLC has a New York City foyer in mind.   Designed for somewhat smaller spaces this ergonomic friendly console is designed for actual use.  The over all shape is designed for tighter areas in a way that avoids getting bumped into.  The absence of 4 legs helps the typical knee banger scenario while the shaped form makes it less likely to catch on clothing as one rushes out the door.  The top has an ingenius metal inlay overlay cover to avoid scratching the gorgeous matte or higloss lacquer.  But even the lacquer has been thought out in that it has been executed in a rubber injected automotive car quality lacquer that has anti-scratch and anti-chip properties.  There is even a hidden drawer for the keys.  This artistic foyer console piece inspired by Brancusi's sculpture, is so stunning it could stand alone in a modern, contemporary or even traditional interior.  It is available in 10 paint colors and also a bleached oak, natural walnut, macassar or wenge wood. For more pieces by Inson Dubois Wood go to