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Friday, November 4, 2011

New York's Hottest Townhouse goes on the market, again.

The townhouse is in some ways the perfect home. One gets a little piece of backyard, 1 or 2 trees, you never have to mow the lawn, you can clean both sides of your windows, you get six story views, and you only have to paint 2 sides of your home.  Unlike a Manhattan apartment - you never have any one living above you.  If you are lucky you might even get a roof terrace. The beauty of a townhouse more than anything else is that you can design whatever you like and there is no co-op board to stop you - no permission required other than that of the Dept of Buildings and the occassional annoyance of the Landmarks commission.  

This 25' wide townhouse located in the heart of Greenwich Village and 5th Avenue, commonly referred to as the Gold Coast, was originally purchased for 4 million dollars and completed in 2006.  It later sold for $15 million.  It is currently on the market for $21 million.  I sourced these two 17th Century French Limestone fireplace Mantles from Provence - over a period of 3 months to find the perfect ( mismatched ) pair.  I recommended we use a master builder who I had used while working with David Easton and Charlotte Moss.  Knowing the right contractors and vendors is half the battle. On certain floors, non - scalloping recessed skimmed museum quality lights by Nulux - Squilux create an almost seamless museum quality lighting effect.  Custom Wall Paper by Gracie ( another Easton favorite ) adorned the studio walls a space with a souring ceiling height of 19' feet.  P. E. Guerin supplied custom cast bronze bathroom fittings in the shapes of sea urchins for hot and cold and wild boar snouts as a faucet filler. P.E.Guerin is one of the only foundaries doing this work in New York - located conveniently in Manhattan a few blocks away. Stephen Gamble supplied the antique French White Oak hand scraped parquet and 12" plank floors. This townhouse has been ranked as one of the most detail obsessed homes in New York City - with 1940's English toggle switches retrofitted to control Crestron lighting and Audio Visual elements througout the house. Her master bathroom shower has no threshold to step over as it is flush with the natural unsealed wood floors and also has no visible drain. On the penthouse level, the raw original 1805 ceiling in on the atelier which was left exposed and intact,  was made possible by insulating the existing roof from the top and removing all insulation and plaster ceiling below.   I was recently in the townhouse and was happy to see the current owners had liked so many of the original details that hardly a thing had been changed.  Even the original window treatments were still intact - this is indeed a rarity in a city where people rip out 10 million dollar renovations to suit their own needs at the drop of a hat.