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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black Swan - Inson Dubois Wood releases new Chair for Fashion Week Paris

The design house of Inson Dubois Wood has released a design for a chic neo-midcentury modern arm chair in the the style of early 1960 Paris Mid Century Modern pieces similar to those of Le Charpentirer and more recent designers such as Paul Mathieu and Herve Van der Straeten.  The chair will be released in a limited edition of 300.  There will another edition in hammered bronze being released next year. The interior of the high diamond polished stainless steel chair is lined with an exotic original macassar wood.  It will be available in 3 colors of leather - Hermes Red, Ferrari 453 Black and Louis Vuitton Brown.  Despite its hard angles the chair is remarkably comfortable.  The Directors chair, titled, Black Swan, will be on view in the upcoming Fashion Week in Paris.