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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frank Gehry New World Center - iTunes goes live indoors

Frank Gehry_The New World Symphony 

The New World Symphony's orchestral academy designed by Frank Gehry opened in Miami Beach, Florida. Called New World Centre, the building includes a 756-seat performance hall surrounded by 'sails' that reflect sound act as projection screens. The 80 foot high glass curtain wall displays activity within to the surrounding neighborhood and is designed to invite passers-by to enter the main atrium, where tumbling forms enclose the building's smaller rooms. The facade features a 7,000 square-foot projection wall onto which live concerts can be projected and enjoyed by visitors in the adjacent 2.5 acre Miami Beach SoundScape landscaped park, designed by Dutch firm West 8.

Perhaps one of Gehry's least spectacular creations of late the New World Symphony Center has a few special moments.  Its greatest achievement is the cube shaped envelope within which Ghery creates his usual abstract forms.  The residual spaces that remain are very unique in that they are almost afterthoughts, yet become almost dominant in their ability to create intrigue.  These forms are further enhanced by the play of light throughout the space. - Ecomanta.