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Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Decorate for the Chinese New Year - Holiday House NYC Inson Wood and rooms by 20 top interior designers in New York City.

Chinese New Year Decorations - The structured valances or "Pelmets" with classic "Frogs" represent the knotted tassels and lanterns of the festival of lights - a common theme in Chinese New Year.  Jeff Koons Puppy welcomes the visitor perched on a modernist coffee table made of Brazillian wood and crystal. The actual lantern is by Herve Van der Straeten.

This Chinese New Year rings in the Water Dragon - Inson Wood uses a blue ceramic dragon to usher in the New Year.   A  Larry Zox painting from Stephen Haller Gallery sets the stage for dramatic color.

Custom trim by Christopher Hyland represents the tying the knot - a symbol of stability and prosperity in Chinese Feng Shui specifically emphasized in the Chinese New Year.  

Morrocan Red by Benjamin Moore provides a dramatic color for the Chinese New Year.  Red and Gold are important signifiers of Good Luck - especially on doors and windows.

Chinese New Year emphasizes the new bold patterns with the zebra pattern on the chair and the silk Chinoiserie by Christopher Hyland promote health and prosperity. 

Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon. Inson Wood uses a lizard skin desk by Ruhlman designed in 1927 as an anchor point. 

Chinese New Year's Festival of Lights - imported from Paris - the adjustable custom floor lamp by Maison Charles has a stunning fabric shade.

Inson Wood uses a Jeff Koons Puppy to anchor a painting by Guggenheim and MoMa canon Larry Zox.

Inson Wood and Sara Gore of NBC News
Inson Wood shows us how to decorate for the Chinese New Year with a subtle interpretation of the holiday that affects nearly half the worlds population  - from China to Thailand.  For his non-literal transformation - its all about the details.  A Benjamin Moore deep chocolate Moroccan Red lacquer paint on the walls, crown, wainscot and windows and doors sets the drama. A bold Chinoiserie hand embroidered and painted silk wall paper by Fromenthal adds further detail and intrigue.  More modernist furniture by Moura Starr create a rock star glam that is both fresh yet sophisticated.

The opening night at Holiday House NYC 2011 to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure, was a magical experience with a huge turnout nearly doubling last years event in this 75 ft wide townhouse owned by Leonard Blavatnik.  NBC's Sarah Gore, CBS Maurice Dubois, Editor at Large - Tori Mellott  and CNN's Deb Feyerick were all there for the opening night in the showhouse sponsored by Traditional Home, Benjamin Moore, Lladro, and Sferra.  20 of New York's Top designers were featured, but one of the undoubtably most show stopping rooms was the Chinese New Year theme by Inson Dubois Wood.      

Throughout the space are subtle uses of the golden section, triangulation and enfilade - techniques typically used by classical architects of the Beaux Arts school. But the true complexity of the design came from its use of layers at both the compositional level and in the micro details.  Hand stitched leather, embroidered silk wall paper, and hand chased bronze furniture and lighting adorned the room contrasted with Abstract Modernist sculpture by Zimmerman and Jeff Koons.  The delicate balance of styles had a fresh and sophisicated presence, while upon closer inspection the details were unparalleled from a Sultanabad pure silk Persian rug to the limited edition Lladro porcelain dragon that sits perched ready to ring in the new year of the Dragon.  Other focal points were the powerful MoMA caliber art - with pieces by Larry Zox and younger artists such as Ron Erlich Michael Dickey. Pollaro supplied the museum quality Ruhlmann pieces.  - Ecomanta