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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yotel Hotel - Economy and Luxury Deals in New York City


Visitors to New York usually have to be prepared to fork out at least $200 a night for even the most basic of rooms.  The European hotel company will offer budget travellers the chance to stay in luxury - as long as they don't mind squeezing into a 170 square foot room resembling a futuristic shoebox.
Known for its tiny rooms at airports in London and Amsterdam, Yotel is opening its first city-centre hotel in New York, giving visitors 'everything you might find in a luxury hotel in under 200 square feet.'
Its bathroom, with a tiny monsoon shower, is built behind a light sliding door rather than stuck in a small corridor to make it seem more spacious.
New home: Yotel will open in MiMA, a new 63-storey glass tower just west of Times Square
New home: Yotel will open in MiMA, a new 63-storey glass tower just west of Times Square
Designers even managed to find space for a 'techno wall' with a flat-screen television and music station.
And for an extra $30, you can squeeze in an extra person with a bunk bed suspended over the queen.
They're cheaper - and bigger - than the rooms at London Heathrow's Yotel, where a 75 square foot cabin with a single bunk costs $145 for 24 hours.
Yotel CEO Gerard Greene told USA Today: 'It appeals to an older and younger clientele, as well as affluent and non-affluent not only because it's affordable but because it's a luxury product at the same time.'
He said the rooms have been designed with a 'first-class yacht cabin' in mind,  with lots of mirror, glass and windows to make them seem more spacious.
If guests don't mind splashing out a little more they can even treat themselves to a 340 square foot 'first cabin' with its own terrace and hot tub.
The rooms will cover 27 floors of Middle of Manhattan - MiMA - a new 63-storey glass tower including 500 apartments, a cinema and several theatres.