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Monday, March 12, 2012

Zaha Hadid: London Aquatics Center

Description by Zaha Hadid:

"A concept inspired by the fluid geometry of water in motion, creating spaces and a surrounding environment in sympathy with the river landscape of the Olympic Park.  An undulating roof sweeps up from the ground as a wave, enclosing the pools of the Centre with its unifying gesture."

Photo Credits: HUFTON + CROW

Zaha Hadid is a leader. She is a leader because she shows us what we know we want but cannot define.  She takes modernism and lets us see its organic beauty - the flow of concrete. She organizes space, form, and structure and exhibits human's mastery over steel and glass. She inspires because she emphasizes the wonderment of life and captures the beauty of contradiction.  Modernism was created to be efficient and cost effective - her structures are far from it.  What she does do is create solid water and flowing space - through architecture she allows us to see time frozen in motion.  She is a poet and a silent orator.  Her buildings speak for themselves.  Zaha starts with a simple drop of water and watches it transform into an array of steel and glass.  It springs to life like the first organism to move.  She is an innovator of spatial definition - fearless and with abandon.  Zaha Hadid inspires us and sparks the bit of creative thought that lays dormant in all of us.  - Inson Wood