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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jeff Koons Genius - Top Childrens toys for Grown Ups.

Jeff Koons has no equal. No one has reached the furthest reaches of the planet and the furthest reaches of our psyche.  He has no master - he has no mentor.  He has recreated the definition of art not as pop art but through the innocence of a child. There is nothing ironic or sarcastic about his art. It is even very similar to how children see the world - a balloon is a giant object with the solidity of stainless steel.  An inflatable elephant is ginormous when we are little.  Even his dark pornographic period is done in a playful way with ice sculptures and overly made up stars ( Himself and Ciccolina.) Very few artists push the boundaries the way he has - but what this art critic sees is that he is pushing more than what is art or what is acceptable.  More importantly he is pushing the physical barriers - how big cane a porject. How big is too big.  The flower puppy in front of the Guggenheim is wonderful - yet my favorite piece is the heart. A simple valentines gift indeed. He steals our hearts and brings us back to our childhood memories.  He is a magician at the highest level.