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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paris fashion and Murakami is #1 at Versailles.

Murakami is the latest Hedgefund craze. Despite having over a billion dollars, many clients shopping for  a Murakami can do exactly what Ferrari shoppers must do wait in line and get on a waiting list.  There is no better way to make an artist into a super star than to have a show and then limit the amount of available works of art.  This is the current trend in living pop artists - from Koons to Damien Hirst.  They are so hot right now that when shopping for art with a client recently I was struck with the wall of silence, that there truthfully is just not that much art available.  Collectors hoard it and gallery owners coveted it only for their absolute most exclusive and active "whale status" clients. In todays market a Murakami will fetch more than a high end upper East side townhouse.  The best part is that it will appreciate faster than any stock or piece of property.  The pop art market in general, and Murakami in specific is so hot that it is almost guaranteed that if you get a Murakami - it will be worth double in a decade.  My art dealer friends and gallery owners joke about that phrase "double its worth in a decade." But it is a true fact that if you pick the right artist - you will be sitting on a pile of gold.  The art world mechanisms are churning upwards and upwards - don't miss the upward going elevator - its rising as fast as the bar graph of years to profit! Inson Wood deals specifically with attaining rare art of the works of pop artists such as:  Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, Jim Dine, and Rauschenberg.  If you are interested you may contact him at: