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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ron Arad is the top furniture designer on the planet - Inson Wood.

The top furniture designer on the planet is currently Ron Arad - this is according to one of the top Architect/Interior designers in New York. " Ron Arad is a force of nature. He designs his pieces with computer generated  software worthy of Nasa and military air craft.  Ron is a free spirit walking around the studio with his floppy hats trying to beat an intern on a curved polished ping pong table.  The next moment he is offering me a cappuccino and one of his favorite biscotti's. Unlike any of his contemporaries Ron Arad has no problem designing furniture that you cannot sit in.  He wants it to look a certain way and thats how it will be.  His latest architecture work is so ambitious that his furniture has been put on hold, making current collections even more collectible. Ron Arad, ever since Dolce and Gabbana took him under their wing had reached such star status that his pieces are extremely hard to find. Inson Wood has access to a few special pieces.  He can be reached at