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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Luxury style in Paris - French Chic: Pierre Chareau and his master piece Maison de Verre

Pierre Chareau was one of the most innovative designers for his time. Part of this stemmed from his acute sense of proportion in furniture and also in his ability to work with materials and color - something many modernists of his time were reluctant to do.  His visionary book cases and wide open double volume spaces really allowed the spatial dynamics of the stair to be fully executed in all of its modernist glory. Chareau is one of the leading designers who bridged the gap between deco sensuousness and modern industrialism - finding the median point between the two with a clean modernism that still allowed curves and upholstered fabrics - mediated with steel beams and welded steel plates.  This special piece of architecture is open to the public but permission to view it must be scheduled up to 3 months in advance.  - Inson Wood