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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top Interior Designer in New York City Inson Wood on Ron Arad

The other day I was asked why I am such a fan of Rod Arad's work.  My simple answer was that unlike most designer architects - Ron truly lives and breathes design in every aspect of his life.  Ron was a bit of a beatnik when he first arrived in London.  He loved design and architecture and thought he might like to go to architecture school.  Some friends of his were applying to the Architects Association and so he thought he would do the same. Ron didn't have a portfolio like the other applicants so he went to the department chair and asked if he could have a word with him.  He explained how he very much wanted to be an architecture student and really wanted to apply.  When the professor heard he didnt have a proper portfolio - he stopped and said why don't you draw something for me right now.  Ron took up the offer and proceeded to draw a perfect circle. He was accepted the next day.   Shortly after graduation Ron Arad was offered a chairmanship of the architecture and materials chair.  Since then he has never looked back. Ron's first claim to fame was when went to a junk yard and found an old fiat chair and placed in on tube frame base.  He then went to a welder friend and borrowed a torn and mounted to the chair. Ron has designed for Dolce and Gabbana.   His retrospective at the MoMA was absolutely stunning and overwhelming in its prolific and high quality of design exhibited.  Ron was truly inspired in setting up the show - as the show curation was as of equal importance to the work being displayed.  The opening night was packed beyond belief and Ron was his normal charming self.  He is a man who plays ping pong 3 times at the office before interviewing anyone.  Ron is the kind of guy who makes you a cappucino whether or not you are an intern or a client. So you have to believe in him, or he wont play table tennis on his warped polished nickel table any more.  As chair of the AA in London Ron has now full super star status.  He teaches, creates and has somehow managed to design some absolutely gorgeous archtiectural projects as well.  His endless energy in truly inspiring. or email for more info on retaining his work. - Inson Dubois Wood